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Christened as the world's hippest town and the City of the World's Desire, Istanbul is a spot having a wealth of Ottoman mosques and ancient buildings, galleries, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. It is a city of energy and development that has come a very long way from a feeling of despair.

The primary attraction and center for Byzantium life and Ottoman life in the past was the Hippodrome. Political dramas and chariot races took place here where the Byzantine emperor could've lost his throne from a riot that stemmed coming from these chariot races. For the passionate shopper, the center will certainly be the Grand Bazaar. It is geographically the centre of Istanbul and has also been the business center for many centuries. It has more than four thousand stores and lanes upon lanes of dining establishments, workshops and mosques to see. An additional shopper's Mecca is the Kapali Carsi where traders are selling nearly anything from spices to carpets is plentiful.

One of several cities' distinctive landmarks is the Aqueduct of Valens. It's a limestone structure which rises over the active lanes of the Ataturk Bulvari. While on the topic of constructions, fantastic attractions to visit when in Istanbul are the Aya Sofia, the Galata Bridge, the Galata Tower, and the Mihrimah Sultan Camii among others. Often known as the Hagia Sofia in Greek, the Aya Sofia is essentially the most popular monument in Istanbul. It had been built on the site of Byzantinum's acropolis by Emperor Justinian. The view from the Galata Bridge and the Galata Tower is a sight to check out especially at sunset. The tower was created in 1348 and it is the tallest structure in Beyoglu. The Mihrimah Sultan Camii is one of the numerous mosques that Istanbul has. In honor of the Magnificent's favorite daughter, this was created by Suleyman in 1560. It is well known for the stained-glass windows and big interior area. To be able to get educated about the background of Istanbul, one simply has to choose from the countless historic sites it is gifted with. There is the ruin of Anadolu Kavagi Kalesi that's a ancient castle constructed by the Byzantines which had 8 towers on its walls. A tour of the Dolmabahce Selamlik or the Topkapi Palace un wraps a world of insight on Istanbul.

Local weather: The temperature is perfect and it is the ideal time to visit to Istanbul during the months of April to May (spring) and September to October (autumn). At this time, the skies are clear and the temperatures are milder compared to summer and winter time. The majority of the art festivals and music occasions happen in spring and autumn and the Formula 1 Grand Prix occurs in June. From July to August while the days are extremely hot, lots of Istanbul's head to the west and south and some businesses close during this particular time.

Transportation: Modes of transportation in Istanbul are ferries, sea buses, trams, metros, metro buses, buses and taxis. The most popular way to travel in Istanbul is by ferry and boat too. All you need to travel around is a smart ticket which is a chip which you can buy credit for some Turkish liras.

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Travel Guide To Istanbul

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