Planning a holiday in Oxford

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Oxford is one of those places in UK that is known for being the hub of education and culture. While planning a holiday in this city, which is located in the central and southern part of UK is not a very populous place. However, it is home to universities and colleges that are chosen by students from different places across the globe. The University of Oxford and Cambridge along with the colleges that are affiliated under these are considered as the source of educational excellence and the glory remains the same until today. However, Oxford tourism has promoted this city beyond the academic ambience to one of the places that offer plenty of sightseeing opportunities for the visitors.

Whether is the Pitt Rivers Museum that has earned extensive popularity over the years with the atmosphere of different eras from the past to the present or Ashmolean Museum of Art and Technology, the viewers will have difficulties unless their itinerary is flexible enough to accommodate all the options that are present in this city. As a matter of fact, Ashmolean Museum is the oldest public museum in Britain. The provisions of Oxford tourism have probably not reached all corners of the world and a majority of people think of this place as a representative of education. However, they will be surprised to know that Oxford tourism is equipped with opportunities for all age groups.

By moving beyond Magdalen and Christ Church College, the city has numerous locations, such as Sheldonian Theater and the Museum of the History of Science that takes pride in having a huge collection of scientific instruments. On the other hand, the University Museum of Natural History showcases collections of mineral objects along with zoological and entomological specimens that have been collected for over the past three centuries. Thus Oxford tourism allows the tourists to unravel this wonderful city in more ways than one.

It is not difficult to plan a holiday in the city of Oxford because it is well connected with other parts of the world through airways. The nearest airports are located in London and Birmingham. With a favorable climate throughout the year, the city of Oxford tourism attracts people throughout the year. The restaurants and accommodations that are available in the city make a convenient experience with the kids. From kids to adults along with nature and lovers of history, this location is simply marvelous and loved by the tourists arriving here from all corners of the world.

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Planning a holiday in Oxford

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This article was published on 2013/09/11