Memorable Vacations On A Budget

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While you can always plan an expensive trip to the south of France, it is not necessary to spend a small fortune to have a memorable vacation. There are many ways to cut costs when planning a vacation, from booking well in advance to renting a camper van or other RV to head out on a big vacation adventure for the whole family.

You can rent a camper van whether you plan to travel across the United States or parts of Europe. For example, a camping holiday up and down the length of the UK from Bristol to Edinburgh would be the trip of a lifetime.

Park Amenities
In the US, many state and national parks offers spaces for camper vans and other types of recreational vehicles, usually with an individual picnic table and a fire pit. Some also have individual water hookups and electricity, although you are more likely to find these at privately run campgrounds. To save money, purchase a national park pass if you plan to visit more than one park during your vacation. There are several types of these passes, and they are valid for a year, offering special discounts for senior citizens.

Planning Ahead
If your holiday plan is to visit multiple locations during a brief period of time, then pre-planning is essential. This will help you get to each spot on time and ensure that you are getting the best deals possible for your money. When planning your vacation through a travel agency, make sure to discuss your itinerary with your travel agent. Your travel agent has access to information on special promotions and deals that can help you to cut costs. You can also book your entire trip through one of the many websites that offer a wide-array of options for vacationers including. A great approach is to look for ads that allow you to swap homes with other vacationers that want to visit the area you live.

Remember that if your goal is to travel to several locations, you want to pack smart. Based on your vacation plans, develop a list of “must have items,” such as medications, clothing, a camcorder or a bathing suit. For campers, this list might include a tent, sleeping bag and cooking supplies. However, many people will take far more than they actually need. Doing this will put you in a position where you have to drag massive suitcases or backpacks from one place to another.

Plan you route very carefully. Have a map and a GPS unit. Do not rely entirely on the GPS unit, since it can often lead you down roads you would be better off avoiding. Avoid night driving when you can, since driving in unfamiliar areas is more dangerous at night. Never drive when you are tired or sleepy. It is better to arrive late than to never arrive at all. When you are visiting a popular tourist spot, assume the other drivers are as confused as you are and give them plenty of room.

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Memorable Vacations On A Budget

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Memorable Vacations On A Budget

This article was published on 2012/03/25