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rental, three bedroom rentals, four bedroom rentals or a Villa. holiday rental Cannes You may also choose a unique decoratively room, well interior rooms, or even by location - Please refer to the information below:
1. Located near the city
2. Located near the mountains
3. Located near the beach - this is the most popular among all rentals.
4. Located inside a resort possibly with a view of a pool or a beach.
5. Located in a rural area.
6. Located inside a Town.
7. Located inside a Village.
8. Located in front of natural or manmade other water bodies such as water falls or lakes.
You may also want to consider some of the additional services you may need during your stay in Cannes. So Aside from the available accommodations in Cannes, here are the other services.
1. Air-conditioning Unit - you may or you may not request for air-conditioning unit especially if the weather is already freezing cold.
2. Barbeque grill - you may request for a grill and coals in case you are interested to have an outdoor experience in Cannes.
3. Dishwasher - you may request or a dishwasher machine to make your stay and vacation a breeze.
4. Garden - if you are in love with nature, you can request for an accommodation that is near a garden to complete your relaxing moment.
5. Internet Access - most important addition to your accommodation in Cannes is the access to the internet. That way you can stay connected just in case you need to get some updates on what's happening to your office, house or just by simply monitoring your expenses by checking your online banking.
6. Parking - having a secured parking is a must especially if you are going to board in the mountains of any other location wherein you car is not suited and must be left behind.
7. Pool - some people are more comfortable with pools than beaches. So you can also request for an accommodation wherein a pool is also available.
8. Washing Machine - You can also request for a washing machine in case you are planning to have a long term vacation in Cannes.
Rental in Cannes may be quite expensive but if you book in early or in groups, there is a great chance of having big discounts.

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Loving Cannes

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This article was published on 2011/03/31