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Take some photography tips before going to India because this photogenic country is worth loads of good images!

Leave all your stereotypes behind, explore India and travel to Asia’s biggest juggernaut. The term big is really not an exaggeration, just ask its 1.2 billion people’s attestation. It’s is the second most-populous country in the globe and perhaps the oldest civilization in the world.

India is the type of destination, where, the moment your plane lands in the airport, which rubs the figurative elbows of shanti houses, a conundrum hits you. How are they able to survive a place brimming with a population that is hitting more than a billion, and everyone sharing limited resources? Certainly, Indians survive it with a panache that’s ‘trademark India’- shrewd, full of pride, fervently spiritual and seizes life with a lot of head bobbing from side to side. Okay, apologies for the stereotype but let’s consider the head thing a unique Indian characteristic.

In fact, India is one of the most ‘charterer driven’ countries in the world, if not the most. Just scan pictures of India at photo sites like and you would be hard-pressed to find a picture of India that doesn't grip your attention or amaze you.

Research photography tips and search for images of the Ganges River, a 2525 kilometre stretch, and showcase of events that include burning of the deceased, women washing clothes and bathing rituals (those living and breathing) which are done at the same time, the same moment!  

You may shiver through an image of Karni Mata or the Deshnoke temple where Hindu worshippers of the goddess Durga are accompanied by thousands of rats. Thousands of black coated, bulb eyed, long-tailed RATS. A dead rat found in the Karni Mata temple is an ominous event and is countered by replacement of a gold vermin statue. White rats amongst a sea of black rats are considered auspicious. If you dare go here always remember that in Indian Hindu temples, short-sleeves and shorts, especially women who wear that outfit, are prohibited.

So take photography tips, a sense of adventure and conquer this land!

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This article was published on 2012/03/21