Glossy nightlife in Moscow

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Nightlife in Moscow belongs to the most famous in Europe and continues to establish its place beside the strongest nightlife capitals in the world. Nowadays Moscow has some of the world's largest dance clubs and a lot of night venues with Western atmosphere, but also the ones which are unique for Russia. With huge offer of options, there is something for everyone regardless to any taste or age. Celebrating tourists spend their evenings by tasting traditional Russian vodka and meals or just discovering Moscow by joining nightlife tours through numerous bars and clubs.

The most popular places for night clubbing are located around Kitai Gorod, Beliy Gorod, Arbat and Garden Ring.  Many of them are typically exclusive and extravagant with luxurious interior as a must. Corresponding to the magnificence of the city, there is no surprise they can possess a swimming pool or a poolside terrace too. Famous four-floor dance club is suitable for 1500 people and plays different music style at each floor. It also has a chill-out room, courtyard and karaoke room within the space. A Soviet-era nuclear bunker is another popular party venue outstanding from average, located 56 meters below ground.

One of the characteristics of turbulent city is the short time between which bars and clubs start their businesses and close and what you find here one year, the next year can be completely different. A number of new clubs were opened and some popular places were closed at the same time in 2012. Nightlife in Moscow can be expensive especially in the top clubs and entering crowd is a subject to so called face control. Many of them maintain strict dress codes and it is always better to to dress up a little more than usually. The prices are cheaper southwest of the city with nice bars and pubs located away from the very center. 

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Glossy nightlife in Moscow

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This article was published on 2013/07/27