5 Great Places to See in Loja

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If you want to know about the places to see in Loja, you will have an opportunity to rediscover the city in its own way. Not only will you find the climate very appealing as the city is relatively warmer than the surrounding locations, the flavor and charm of the ancient buildings are worthy enough to be explored in detail. The remaining of the Spanish rule and the exotic architecture of the previous years has made it the most wanted destination of the recent times. In short, you must have sufficient time in your travel schedule to make the most of your trip to this city.

While there is an array of places to see in Loja, you must plan and arrange your trip particularly while visiting the places of sightseeing in this city. The next few points sum up the favorite tourist destinations of Loja:

  • Puarta de la Ciudad: This is one of the most prominent location of this city and the entrance or the gates of the city of Loja. There are four galleries comprising of the present day works of art along with a shop for gift items and a cafeteria. Being the entrance of the city, the tourists will not miss the orange stripe that is present on the sidewalk and a memoir of Gothic architecture. The magnificent view from the clock tower is another attraction from where the other attractions of Loja follow.
  • The Cathedral: This is the main church in the city of Loja and the statue of Virgin of Cisne is kept here for six months and brought through an elite procession from the city of Cisne that lies 45 kilometers from Loja. Located in Central Square, this church is the center of Roman Catholic Diocese of the city of Loja.
  • The Museum of Pio Jaramillo Alvarado Cultural Center: This is another spectacular spot among the places to see in Loja and consists of the memories the musical history of Loja. There are more than 65 musical instruments and the musical history is more than 200 years old. The collections of this museum begun from the period of Renaissance to the modern age.
  • Matilde Hidalgo de Procel Museum:  This is another museum consisting of the art objects of Matilde Hidalgo, the first woman to exercise her right to vote in Latin America and also the first woman in Ecuador.
  • Jardin Botanico: This is a unique Botanical Garden and a must visit among the places to see in Loja. This is a place for science and research as you will find over 800 species of plants and one of the botanical gardens in the world that is located at a height.

The tourists will not only find many places to see in Loja after traveling to this destination, but also discover one of the smallest cities offering such a wide variety of choices to satisfy the urge of traveling.

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5 Great Places to See in Loja

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This article was published on 2013/09/10